June – Neighborhood Challenge

The Neighborhood Challenge for June is a bit different.  It’s a scavenger hunt and it’s open to everyone in the neighborhood and not just a specific group and I hope it’s going to be super fun!

The rules are simple…

Form a team of 2-6 people.  Every team must have ONE adult, ONE resident of Steeplechase and a Name.  Be creative with your names!  No one is allowed to use wheels of any kind…I will be checking shoes for wheelies!

The night of the competition teams will meet at 1442 Seabiscuit to receive further instructions, and the list of items you must find.  Once your team locates an item…all items will be INSIDE the neighborhood…use your cell phones to photograph the item.  The first team back to the starting point with photos of every item wins!  We’re talking about mad bragging rights…you get to tell everyone you won the First Ever Steeplechase Scavenger Hunt!  For an entire year…then someone else will win and you have to stop saying it.  Seriously…don’t make it weird.


Winners – May neighborhood Challenge

I want to thank Rachel, Nicole and Jim for helping judge today’s competition.  We had a great time driving the neighborhood and checking out all of the art and we definitely have some very talented kids competing.

The theme was interpreted so many different ways and the kids were super imaginative!  We had very traditional images and we had Amazonian dolphins (baby dolphins, and they’re pink in the Amazon in case you didn’t know) and post-apocalyptic battles…with cats!

The art was so amazing and it ended up being a VERY close competition!

Our winners were Shalani (8-12 year old) and Booker (3-7 year old)!!!!

Congratulations to Shalani and Booker and to all of the contestants!

Thank you to everyone who participated, parents and kids alike.  We had 11 contestants which is not too bad for our first challenge.  Stay tuned…the JUNE CHALLENGE will be announced very soon!!

*The competition was judged on a 1-5 point system in 3 categories, use of color, use of space and adherence to the theme.  The scores were tallied and averaged to determine the overall winners.

**If you’d like to be part of the Neighborhood Challenge Committee please message me.  We’d like to do this monthly and come up with varied challenges targeting all age groups in the neighborhood and also have varied prizes.  Maybe even some trophies that get passed around.


May – Neighborhood Challenge

It’s time for our first Neighborhood Challenge!

This challenge is for the kids ages 3-12.
BUT…if you wanna decorate your driveways with chalk art
and you don’t fit in the age groups that’s OK!

We have some great prizes lined up and TWO great judges
but I need ONE more judge!

Judging will take place May 20 at 11am…if you would like to be part of the judging team let me know!

Parents…if your child wants to compete…comment below, message me privately or email me at with your child’s name, age and street address. You do NOT have to be present the day of the judging…but your driveway does!

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