June – Neighborhood Challenge

The Neighborhood Challenge for June is a bit different.  It’s a scavenger hunt and it’s open to everyone in the neighborhood and not just a specific group and I hope it’s going to be super fun!

The rules are simple…

Form a team of 2-6 people.  Every team must have ONE adult, ONE resident of Steeplechase and a Name.  Be creative with your names!  No one is allowed to use wheels of any kind…I will be checking shoes for wheelies!

The night of the competition teams will meet at 1442 Seabiscuit to receive further instructions, and the list of items you must find.  Once your team locates an item…all items will be INSIDE the neighborhood…use your cell phones to photograph the item.  The first team back to the starting point with photos of every item wins!  We’re talking about mad bragging rights…you get to tell everyone you won the First Ever Steeplechase Scavenger Hunt!  For an entire year…then someone else will win and you have to stop saying it.  Seriously…don’t make it weird.

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